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It was an incredible 4 months in Limerick. My time there was exhausting, overwhelming, amazing and, in the end, so very much worthwhile. If I only could, I would do an Erasmus semester again next fall. I wouldn’t dare to list any highlights, because there were such a lot of special moments and emotions which have now found a place in my long-term memory. Mostly, I remember the trips to Aran Islands, watching soccer in the pub and cooking together. I made wonderful friends who I intend to visit quite soon. And, of course, I would like to thank the Placement Office and Student Union guys for their help when I changed flats. Everything was so well organized, thank you very much! Wolfgang (Austria)


                            Another happy group from  2012 -2013

 The highlights of my stay were the people I met, the trips I made and Ireland’s people and countryside. It was the first hour when I arrived in Ireland that I experienced the openness and kindness of the people. I will never forget how helpful and friendly the Irish are. The second highlight was the friendship with other international students. Living in a foreign country tied us together and we discovered Ireland on our own, which was adventurous. Its countryside is stunning and I still remember sitting in a bus for hours, doing nothing but watching the intense green, the sheep and cows. Stefanie (Germany)

Staying at MIC was like staying at home, it´s like a family! I felt really comfortable, everybody was very helpful and kind (they are Irish!J). Teachers are great, very approachable and close to the students. MISU´s job there is also fantastic, and there are so many offices and departments prepared to help you about so many different issues that it´s almost impossible to feel yourself lost or unattended. And above all, there is a great woman taking care of all the International students! We love you Ger!! You are our Irish mom! Lohi (Spain)










Lohi enjoyed the country life In Ireland


         Sidni, Ingeborg and Jenna 2011

Before 1 September 2010, I had never been to Ireland. For my minor Abroad, I had the possibility to go to Belfast or Limerick. I chose to study at Mary I, because the information given on the website gave the feeling that this school was warm, social, involved, active, open to and curious about other cultures, innovative and of a good quality. After less than four months, all I can say that the feeling I already had about Mary I was so true and that my experience was so much better than I expected. I went abroad to improve my English, but more importantly, to gain more confidence about it.

However, I gained more than that. I gained knowledge about Ireland, about the culture, about the Irish and their daily way of life. It was difficult to be back home in December. I started to miss Ireland so much. I missed the friendly people, who always started their sentences with ‘dear’ or ‘love’. The people who were sincerely polite and interested in you.The information Ger sent before we even arrived in Limerick, was so useful!! We did not have any problems with finding transportation, due to the information. Thank you very much! The orientation program was helpful as well.   

Frederieke ( The Netherlands)



                                                               Make new friends at MIC

I enjoyed every day spent at MIC, because many internationals chose the same courses and it was fun to take these together. The teachers were always nice and available to talk to when necessary. Furthermore, I could advise everyone to sign up for the many excursions that are there, since I really enjoyed our weekend in Newgrange! It was so much fun together with the teachers and other students. Annemarie (The Netherlands)

Every single one of the nine months I stayed was one big highlight. There is not much to say but THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! Gabriel (Germany)

    Part of the 2010-2011 group enjoying St. Patrick's Day


I really enjoyed my stay at Mary Immaculate. I felt very welcome from the very start and loved the atmosphere immediately. To be able to share this experience with other International students was amazing and it resulted in a lot more facebook friends to whom I still talk to every other day. The study load is comfortable and because of this I was able to travel a lot around Limerick and the rest of Ireland with other International students. To be able to experience Ireland in this way is amazing and I will never forget this experience.                                 

Kelly (The Netherlands)


Iñigo, Caterina, Ella, Sarah, Maria, Gabriel & Timo enjoying the sunshine on the steps of Mary Immaculate College       2010-2011

Mary Immaculate College, South Circular Road, Limerick, Tel:+35361 204300  V94VN26

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