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What our BA Students Say:


Caitlin Birge (USA)

  While I was at MIC, I learned a lot about myself as well as Ireland.  I met some amazing people who made my journey that much better.  I was involved in clubs and societies such as the Live Music Society and the International Students' Society.  The classes I took made my experiences more enjoyable because when I would travel through the country, I would recognise landmarks I learned about in my Early Modern Ireland class, or see signs in Gaelic that I could read thanks to my Gaeilge ab initio class.  All in all, through the classes and experiences MIC helped me to engage in; I fell in love with the country and would recommend going abroad to anyone who has even the smallest interest.


Patrick Vallance (Australia)

  I had a most enjoyable time studying at Mary Immaculate College and have the fondest memories of my experience in Limerick. Being my first journey out of Australia, the whole experience was quite mind-blowing actually. I found the lecturers and culture at Mary Immaculate really engaging and was fascinated to attend classes in Ireland. I ended up studying romantic literature and some Irish history units, which contributed to my Bachelor of Arts. I must say I found it difficult upon my return to Melbourne to step back into the groove of things here, after such a stimulating and enlightening adventure abroad and was quite despondent for some time. I will definitely be planning a return to Ireland as I feel I only scratched the surface of such a beautiful and inspiring place, with a rich history and wonderful people.


Laurie Bolger (United Kingdom)

My main goal in studying at Mary Immaculate College was to get in touch with my Irish heritage. Subjects such as Léann Dúchais (Irish Heritage Studies) and Gaeilge ab initio (Irish language for beginners) have helped me to do just this. The standard of lecturing is exceptional and my involvement at Wired FM, the campus radio station, has been invaluable. I know I will be taking some wonderful memories and some great friendships back to England.





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