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          What our Study Abroad Students Say

                   Marziya Fazal from Tanzania talks about her studies at MIC

     Claire (USA)





I have truly enjoyed my time at Mary Immaculate College, and I am so happy that I decided to call Ireland home for four months of my college career. While I was initially homesick, I soon found my niche with the other international students. Together we partook in Irish traditions and travelled around the beautiful Emerald Isle. I loved the accessibility to other corners of the country from Limerick's many transportation options. At every step of my journey, I felt support from the wonderful staff at the International Office. Whatever I needed help with, they went above and beyond for me, and I will be eternally grateful for the welcome they gave me. The Irish people are undoubtedly the friendliest bunch I have met in my travels around Europe, and I couldn't recommend MIC and Ireland highly enough.


           Addee Philips from Regis University talks about her semester in MIC 

        Peter (USA)

During my time at Mary Immaculate College, I always felt welcome.  No matter how different I felt, people were always willing to accept me.  The community is amazing, especially the Irish students.  They are always looking to have fun, especially with international students.  I highly recommend joining a club or society, as you will be included in a ton of activities and get to meet a variety of students who share the same interests as you.  Before coming to MIC, I was not a particularly adventurous student.  A semester here, however, has broadened my horizons and made me excited to explore the world!


  Shannon (USA)

Having the opportunity to study at Mary Immaculate College has changed my life in more ways than one. Living in a different country has allowed me, as a person, to grow and I couldn't be more appreciative of that. I have become more independent, responsible, and mature while living on my own in Limerick. Being able to study here in Limerick has given me a great opportunity to meet amazing new people from all around the world that I hope to keep as life long friends. Also, Limerick has given me the chance to travel to different parts of the world at affordable prices that I would never receive coming from America. Everyone in Ireland is very friendly just as the students and staff are at MIC. Everyone here is always willing to lend a helping hand when you need it. Studying here has been an amazing opportunity that I was lucky enough to be a part of. It taught me more than I could ever learn in classroom. I would encourage everyone thinking about studying aboard to choose MIC as it has great opportunities to offer which will make you never want to leave Ireland!


    Patrick (USA)



Looking back at my time at MIC, I am just blown away by how many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities were afforded to me as an international exchange student.  From group trips to the Cliffs of Moher and Galway, one-on-one time with some of the best lecturers Ireland has to offer, or the innate friendliness of the Irish that we all experienced dozens of times per day.  MIC sets its international students up for tremendous success.  I truly fell in love with the charm of Limerick and the grandeur of Ireland, and I could not have done that without the hospitality and support of MIC staff. My lectures covered topics as diverse as political geography, Greek philosophy and the sociology of the media, yet the lecturers all shared the same academic rigour and passion.  I felt challenged, yet supported; out of my comfort zone, yet invigorated.  I loved my time at MIC so much that I hope to come back to Ireland for my masters.  I think everyone should study abroad, yet only those who truly want their lives transformed, come to Ireland! Study abroad at MIC, you DEFINITIELY won't regret it!


Brittany (USA)


I had a fantastic time at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick. The students are welcoming, the professors are understanding and always available, and the classes are taught in a very easy to follow manner that takes no adjusting to. Ireland is a great country and Limerick is just a tiny sliver of what Ireland has to offer. Mary Immaculate is located in a great area and is very quickly reached from City Campus (the housing I stayed at during my time in Ireland) or city centre. I thoroughly enjoyed my semester in Ireland and highly recommend coming to Mary Immaculate for your study abroad experience. 






Mary Immaculate College, South Circular Road, Limerick, Tel:+35361 204300  V94VN26

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