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What our MA and PhD Arts Students Say:


 Kristy Butler USA    Kristy Butler


Enass Ben Khalifa (Libya)

MA in Language and Literature


I chose to study at Mary Immaculate College as it offers a unique combination of English language and literature in one master’s programme.  This programme has given me insight into many extremely influential elements of literature and their relation to the English language, particularly Irish literature, which my thesis examines.  I enjoyed being a student at MIC for two main reasons.  Firstly, I communicated every day with Irish people and gained a great understanding of the different cultural background and religion of Ireland.  This daily communication gave me a chance to experience the welcome Irish people offer to those of different cultures and I was also warmly welcomed by all MIC staff and my classmates.  Staff at MIC ensure that students feel at home, providing a sense of support and security.  The second reason why I enjoyed this programme is the lecturers.  All of them are really helpful people and experts in their fields, who enjoy teaching and being challenged by their students and they are always open to students’ ideas.  All in all, I recommend this programme to people who would like to develop their language skills as well as feel challenged intellectually by the unique mixture of English language and literature.  I am proud to say that I have been very happy with my time studying at MIC! 


Arne Rüffer (Germany)

PhD Mathematics


My initial decision to pursue postgraduate studies in MIC traces back to an Erasmus semester that I spent in Belfast, after which I decided that I wanted to go to Ireland for a longer period. The Maths department in Mary Immaculate College was very helpful regarding my request about postgraduate possibilities, in addition to the fact that I could study the particular field of mathematics in which I am interested. I haven't regretted my decision to come here since, as the atmosphere is positive and friendly. MIC is a relatively small facility and it is therefore easy to get into contact with members of other departments. Throughout my work as a teaching assistant in the Maths Department, I have additionally been able to work with a lot of enthusiastic and engaged students and been able to make a lot of friends. I enjoy living in Limerick and am convinced that it is definitely worth coming here for international students. Whenever I had friends visiting from Germany, they seemed to be impressed by Limerick and its surrounds. I hope myself to be able to stay here or somewhere else in the south of Ireland once I have completed my PhD.


Mathilde Rusek (France)

MA Irish Cinema by Research & Thesis



I'm doing my MA on Irish cinema and as I had never been abroad before, I decided to come to MIC. I chose MIC because it is a smaller campus, so that you get to know everybody quite easily in a comfy atmosphere. Everybody is so welcoming here! Moreover, when I had a look at the courses the College offered, I found them really interesting - I even decided to learn a little bit of Irish, which was quite funny! And it helped me in my MA as well, since I've learned a lot more about Irish culture and improved my English. I also got involved in Wired FM-the radio of the campus-and had a lot of fun there! I would definitely recommend it if you want to get a bit of experience in presenting and editing a show in a really cool atmosphere! But you also have lots of other activities, sports and societies to join according to your tastes. I'm definitely glad I chose Limerick and MIC because there is such an interest for culture there! Cultural festivals, live music, Lime Tree Theatre's shows, King John's castle, lots of churches to visit: many activities to do and to enjoy yourself! Plus, Limerick is quite close to everything else around and you get to see a lot. You can plan some weekend trips easily, visit Ireland and have a really nice time!




Mary Immaculate College, South Circular Road, Limerick, Tel:+35361 204300  V94VN26

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