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MIC English Language School: What our Students Say  

João Marcos Vasconcelos (Brazil)
Studying at MIC is an honour and very rewarding for me. The campus is very good. The teachers are very attentive; they call you by name and you feel very welcome all the time. At MIC you feel at home. The teachers join in with study and fun, making learning a new language easier. I am very happy to be part of the MIC family and to live this incredible experience each day.


Daniella Greiffo (Brazil)
I came to Mary Immaculate College through Science Without Borders to study English. The College has a great campus. Professionals who work here are very receptive and attentive. All necessary support was given in the early days and the language was not a problem. I would recommend MIC!


Tiago Oliveira (Brazil)
Mary Immaculate College is nice and cosy with a good infrastructure and environment that allows all students to explore it and extract as much knowledge as possible. I am very excited about the opportunities MIC is providing me with to expand my knowledge.


Hiago Pavret Osses (Brazil)
Science Without Borders was a unique opportunity for higher education and cultural enrichment in my life, mainly because I was lucky enough to study at a college as good as Mary Immaculate College (MIC) in Limerick, Ireland. Apart from the beautiful architecture, the art and the culture, the attention and dedication of the staff provide for quality learning
Ireland is an amazing country with so much history and culture, and in addition to learning their language and their culture, there is guaranteed fun because its inhabitants are very hospitable and polite, not to mention the pleasant climate for living.
And as the Irish writer Oscar Wilde said, "We are all in the gutter, but some of us look to the stars". So live this experience and be a better person every day managing to get step by step to the stars.


Weldson Amaral (Brazil)
I'm happy I chose MIC English Language School to study English.  The school has great teachers, who are always motivating us, and the administration is attentive to the needs of students, and always willing to help with anything needed.


Clebio Ferreira de Almeida (Brazil)
I am pleased I chose to study in Limerick city, as it is welcoming and has many attractions that I can enjoy with friends.  Mary Immaculate College is a first-grade institution that offers us the greatest possible support on an English course.  The teachers are great, understanding, dedicated, and never fail to help you when needed.  Finally, MIC has a structure that impresses me in every detail.  I recommend MIC as the right institution for your English course in Ireland.


Julio Vitorino de Andrade Neto (Brazil)
I'm happy to be doing the English course at Mary Immaculate College because this is a great school that gives me all the support necessary to learn English. There is an excellent staff and great facilities, even individualized educational services for cases where there is difficulty in learning.  Anyway, I recommend Mary Immaculate College to all students interested in studying English in Ireland and who want to live in a city that has cultural and historical riches.


Larissa Pereira Miguel (Brazil)
I'm happy to be studying in Mary Immaculate College.  I feel that all the school professionals are always available to us, helping us and providing a nice atmosphere so we can learn English in a fun way.  I recommend the school to all future candidates of Science Without Borders.


Lorena Chaves (Brazil)
I came through the Science without Borders program to study English here in Ireland at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick and since I arrived I have had some invaluable experiences.  The teaching is very dynamic with excellent teachers, thus studying English is much more fun!  MIC has a great infrastructure, is well located and has a good choice of modern subjects.  The teachers have all the good attributes, and are patient and supportive.   No doubt I will leave here a winner.  I recommend!


Isabela Amaral Martuchele (Brazil)
I am very pleased to be studying at Mary Immaculate College (MIC).  We were well received and continue to receive all the necessary support.  MIC has qualified professionals who are always willing to help, and a great structure that supports learning and integration among students. I have great expectations for learning English and Irish culture at MIC.


Matheus Pereira (Brazil)
I'm glad to be studying at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick.  I have all the support necessary to devote myself to learning English and seize every opportunity that the city of Limerick has to offer .


Rebecka Grillo (Brazil)
Mary Immaculate College has an excellent infrastructure and an environment conducive to studying and socialising.
Apart from dedicated teachers, and staff always willing to help, the student body and cultural lessons enable integration and relaxation, and provide the motivation needed.
Therefore, I have great expectations about the learning and enrichment MIC will provide me with.



Mary Immaculate College, South Circular Road, Limerick, Tel:+35361 204300  V94VN26

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