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Structure of Bachelor of Arts (MI004) programme

The programme takes place over four years and is divided into two parts. Part I is equivalent to year 1 and Part II equates to years 2, 3 and 4. Progression to Part II is conditional upon obtaining a pass in Part I.
In the first year (Part I) students take four subjects from the following:

There is a free choice of subjects in first year.

When choosing your subjects in first year, it is essential to have at least two subjects from different second year subject groups (see below) bearing in mind that Léann Dúchais is a first year subject only and those who choose Psychology in first year may not be offered a place in Psychology in second year.

At the beginning of second year (Part II) students choose two of the four subjects taken in first year. No more than one subject can be taken from any one of the following groups:

Group 1: German Studies, Theology & Religious Studies

Group 2: French Studies, History

Group 3: English, Mathematics

Group 4: Gaeilge, Philosophy

Group 5: Music, Psychology

Group 6: Geography, Media & Communication Studies

In second year, students also take two elective modules in areas outside their majors.  Electives can include TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), IT, Irish Studies, Gender Studies.  Please note places in TEFL are limited. 

Students may also take electives in other Arts subjects by choosing a module from outside their two major subject areas provided they have obtained the permission of the relevant Head of Department.  Students of Psychology must take Introduction to Information Technology as their elective in Semester 1 and a specialised Psychology module, Information Technology in Psychology, in Semester 2. 

In third year, off-campus placements are undertaken.  For all students, except those classified as mature students who have been approved for exemption from the Off-Campus Placement Programme and those taking Psychology to degree level, two semesters are spent off-campus on academic/work placement.  Students of Psychology undertake an off-campus placement from September – February of third year and take three Psychology modules on-campus in the Spring Semester. 

Please note:  Due to the fact that US Federal Aid applicants will not receive Federal Aid for the Off Campus Placement, which involves a work placement or overseas study placement in Year 3 of the Liberal Arts degree, the College will provide a separate track of BA elective modules for these students in Year 3, as part of their accredited programme.

In fourth year, students advance the study of the two major subjects and present an Undergraduate Dissertation in one of these subjects.  Students of Psychology must undertake their Undergraduate Dissertation in Psychology, either singly or jointly with their other major subject.  Submission of the Undergraduate Dissertation is in the Spring semester and it is equivalent to two modules.

Programme Outline MI004 Bachelor of Arts

Part I

 Year 1 Semester 1 Semester 2 Summer
  FN4761 Foundation Studies 1 FN4762 Foundation Studies 2 Vacation
  Major Subject A  Major Subject A  
  Major Subject B   Major Subject B  
  Major Subject C  Major Subject C  
  Major Subject D  Major Subject D  

 Choose from the following subjects:

English, French Studies, Gaeilge, Geography, German Studies, History, Léann Dúchais (FIRST YEAR ONLY), Mathematics, Media & Communications Studies, Music, Philosophy, Psychology and Theology & Religious Studies

Part II


 Year 2 Semester 3 Semester 4 Summer
  Major Subject 1 ( 2 Modules) Major Subject 1 (2 Modules) Vacation
  Major Subject 2 ( 2 Modules) Major Subject 2 (2 Modules)  
  Elective Elective  


 Year 3 Semester 5 Semester 6 Summer
  Off Campus Programme 1 Off Campus Programme 2 Vacation 
    Students of Psychology are on  
    campus for Semester 6 and take  
three Psychology modules


Year 4 Semester 7 Semester 8 Graduation
  Major Subject 1 (2 modules) Major Subject 1 (2 modules)  
  Major Subject 2 (2 modules) major Subject 2 (2 modules)  
  Undergraduate Dissertation 1 Undergraduate Dissertation 2  

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