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Available from our partner institution, the University of Limerick. More information here.

Spanish can be taken as part of the MIC Arts Degree as a joint honours combination.

About you
You are someone who enjoys learning about other cultures, who is interested in languages and who would either like to continue with Spanish because you liked it in school. Or you may want to pick it up as a beginner who is happy at last to get a chance to start learning Spanish. Perhaps you are someone who wants to benefit from the excellent job prospects for anyone with a good knowledge of other EU languages and of Spanish in particular. And you know that Spanish is now one of the four most used languages in the world.

Why Study Spanish?
• There are about 400 million native speakers of Spanish, and Spanish is now among the four most widely used languages in the world.
• Spanish is the official language of 21 countries.
• Spanish is one of the official languages of the United Nations, the European Union and many other international bodies and it plays a vital role in international business, media, etc.
• Spanish is the first language of most countries in Latin America and its already major profile in the USA is increasing every year.
• Spanish is the key to the fascinating cultural heritages of Latin America and Spain.
• The University of Limerick offers Spanish at both beginner and advanced levels.

What you will study
You will learn about Spanish and Latin American Society, Literature and Culture as well as improving your language skills and awareness.

Career Opportunities
Language graduates have the potential to get good jobs as, by studying Spanish, you acquire a whole range of skills that can be applied to a great variety of professions. In particular, you will have very good communication skills, which are highly valued by employers. Learning a language gives you another way of looking at, analysing and interpreting the world, so you are automatically more attractive to potential employers. As a result, language graduates can explore a variety of careers and professions, for example:
• Teaching (Professional Master of Education required)
• Public service (because you have shown language learning potential you may be recruited to learn another language)
• The media
• International business (marketing, finance, personnel)
• Translating
• Localising and interpreting
• Tourism

Follow-on study opportunities include:
• MA Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies
• MA International Studies
• MA Languages and ICT Content Development
• MA Modern Language Studies
• MA TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
• Professional Master of Education (Modern Languages)

Additional Information:
Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
E: Arts@ul.ie
T: +353 61 202286


Mary Immaculate College, South Circular Road, Limerick, Tel:+35361 204300  V94VN26

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