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Development Education and Intercultural Education

Development Education and Intercultural Education are separate but complimentary areas, both premised on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948):

 Education shall be directed to the full development of human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial and religious groups… Article 26 (2).

Development Education is best understood as "… an active learning process, founded on values of solidarity, equality, inclusion and co-operation. It enables people to move from basic awareness of international development priorities and sustainable human development, through understanding of the causes and effects of global issues to personal involvement and informed actions. Development education fosters the full participation of all citizens in world-wide poverty eradication, and the fight against exclusion. It seeks to influence more just and sustainable economic, social, environmental, human rights based national and international policies."           - CONCORD, the European platform for development NGOs

Intercultural Education is a response to the challenge to provide inclusive and equitable education for all. It aims to create understanding and respect between people and cultures and to challenge prejudice, discrimination and racism. It ‘… is education which respects, celebrates and recognises the normality of diversity in all areas of human life. It sensitises the learner to the idea that humans have naturally developed a range of different ways of life, customs and worldviews, and that this breadth of human life enriches all of us. - NCCA (2005) Intercultural Education in the Primary School: Guidelines for Schools

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