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Mission Statement

To foster the social, emotional and intellectual development of our students; to promote and enhance their well-being during their time in college, and to provide opportunities for them to access a range of cultural activities.

To encourage students to aspire to standards of excellence in their professional lives compatible with their individual potential.

To promote reflective, creative, open-minded, sensitive, competent and committed practice among teachers in the national primary school system. To empower such teachers to deal not alone with pupils and in-school colleagues but with parents, local communities, colleagues generally, other professionals.

To engender in our graduates a commitment to the full social, emotional, intellectual development, and cultural diversity of the children they teach so that as citizens of the future they are competent, assured, and caring members of society.

To promote and develop educational research and the application of existing research for the benefit of schools and of the community.

To promote among our graduates an openness to research and methodological innovation and to help them foster a sense of ongoing professional and personal development.

To engender in students and graduates a positive, critical attitude to change in their professional lives and the capacity to develop skills and competencies to deal with changing needs and demands.

To promote and develop educational thought and practice for the benefit of the community, both local and national.



Mary Immaculate College, South Circular Road, Limerick, Tel:+35361 204300  V94VN26