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MIC – ED Talks

 ‘MIC-ED TALKS: Watching the Horizon’ was an education conference held in Mary Immaculate College on December 12th 2013. In the conference members of the Faculty of Education shared their perspectives on contemporary educational ideas in short six-minute snapshots. This event was hosted by the Department of Arts Education and Physical Education in association with CREaTE: Centre for Research in Education and Teacher Education, Mary Immaculate College and was supported by Training of Trainers funding. For further information on this event please contact the organisers Ailbhe.Kenny@mic.ul.ie
 or Deirdre.NiChroinin@mic.ul.ie


Anne Dolan - 'Bringing the world to children through books'

In this talk Anne argues that picture books provide powerful pedagogy for teaching global and justice issues in all classes of the primary school.

Department:Learning, Society and Religious Education.
Email Address: Anne.Dolan@mic.ul.ie


Ruth Bourke - 'School Networks: Talking Ships & Complicated Knots'

In this talk Ruth outlines what a school network is, what happens in them and why schools and other partners participate.

Department:Curriculum Development Unit.
Email Address: Ruth.Bourke@mic.ul.ie


Ailbhe Kenny - 'Making Music Together'

In this talk Ailbhe highlights what is special about making music together and how this needs to be to the forefront of music education.

Department:Arts Education and Physical Education.
Email Address: Ailbhe.Kenny@mic.ul.ie


Alanna O 'Beirne - 'Battery reared or free range children'

In this presentation Alanna highlights how the level of freedom Irish children enjoy has slowly been eroded over the generations. Alanna discusses some of the reasons behind adult decisions to curtail children’s movements and then explores the implications of restricting young people’s autonomy. Alanna concludes by suggesting some ways to provide age - appropriate opportunities for children to get and about more in their local environments.

Department:Curriculum Development Unit/Bi Follain.
Email Address: Alanna.OBeirne@mic.ul.ie


Jennifer Pope - 'Early life experiences hold the key'

In this talk, Jennifer gets us thinking about how early life experiences hold the key to a better society and in the process, offers a solution to avoid losing house keys!

Department:Reflective Pedagogy and Early Childhood Studies.
Email Address: jennifer.pope@mic.ul.ie


Maeve Liston - 'There is a scientist in all of us' 

In this talk Maeve discusses that there is a scientist in all of us. We just have to provide ourselves with the opportunity to foster our curiosity about the world.

Department:Learning, Society and Religious Education.
Email Address: maeve.liston@mic.ul.ie


Ann Higgins - 'Telling it like it is'

In this talk Ann highlights the role research can play in supporting schools and communities living with a variety of challenges.

Department:Learning, Society and Religious Education.
Email Address: Ann.Higgins@mic.ul.ie


Déirdre Ní Chróinín  - 'Noticing the Joy'

In this talk Déirdre urges us to notice how physical activity feels in order to place physical activity as an everyday part of who we are.

Department:Arts Education and Physical Education
Email Address: DeirdreNíChroinin@mic.ul.ie


Gwen Moore - 'We are all musical'

In advocating that we are all musical, Gwen asks us to consider the link between everyday assumptions of musical ability and unequal access and opportunity in music education.

Department:Arts, Education and Physical Education.
Email Address: Gwen.Moore@mic.ul.ie


Dorothy Morrissey - 'Let's take a risk'

In this talk, Dorothy highlights how generating the courage to take risks in teaching can be both scary and invigorating.

Department:Arts Education and Physical Education.
Email Address: Dorothy.Morrissey@mic.ul.ie


Mary Immaculate College, South Circular Road, Limerick, Tel:+35361 204300  V94VN26

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