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Safety Policies and Guidelines  

Mary Immaculate College Safety Statement 

The Mary Immaculate College Safety Statement has been prepared in recognition of the College's health and safety statutory duties and responsibilities, such as the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005, and the Safety, Health & Welfare (General Application) Regulations, 2007. The Safety Statement is the College's policy, in writing, for safeguarding and maintaining health and safety standards and it specifies the manner to be adopted, organisation and resources provided for that purpose. 

In accordance with Section 20 of the Act, Mary Immaculate College has prepared a Framework Safety Statement outlining the College’s policies on occupational health and safety matters; defining the necessary management structure and responsibilities for the implementation of these policies. This safety statement is aimed at providing a framework for protecting the College Community from accidents, potential injury and ill health arising from the College’s work activities. This statement shall be reviewed on a regular basis and changes shall be made at any time in the light of experience and developments at the College or changes in legal requirements. 

This Safety Statement is available to all employees and students of the College. It is recognised that a safe and healthy working environment can only be maintained with co-operation from employees and students.

Each employee is legally obliged under the terms of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, to take reasonable care of their own safety and not to endanger the safety of others by their actions or omissions. Employees are asked to read the Safety Statement carefully and understand their role in health and safety in the College.  

Click on the following link to view the Safety Statement: Safety Statement 

Courtbrack Safety Statement

Click on the heading above to view the Courtbrack Accommodation Safety Statement

Additional Information on Safety Statements is available in the following document entitled ‘Guidelines on Risk Assessments and Safety Statements’ and can be downloaded from the following website: 


Safeguarding Policy

Click on the heading above to view the Mary Immaculate College Safeguarding policy

Critical Incident Protocol

Click on the heading above to view the Critical Incident Protocol

Crisis Management Plan  

Click on the heading above to view the Crisis Management Plan which is to be used in conjunction with the Critical Incident Protocol

Children On Campus Guidelines

Click on the heading above to view the Children on Campus Guidelines

Working at Height Guidelines 

Click on the heading above to view the Working at Height Guidelines

Guidance on Foot Health and Selection of Appropriate Workplace Footwear 

Click on the heading above to view the Guidance on Foot Health and Selection of Appropriate Workplace Footwear




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