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Binge Drinking

Drinking too much, too fast can kill you.Your liver can only handle one unit of alcohol per hour; so Less is Best. And if you find you can drink people under the table this usually means that your body is so used to alcohol it needs more for an effect; an early warning sign to cut back.


Some tips

  • Know what alcohol can do to you.
  • Don't let yourself become pressurised into drinking more than you intend.Avoid getting into rounds.
  • A good social life does not revolve around alcohol.
  • Consider the risks of getting drunk (mentioned at top of page)
  • Slow down and enjoy the company.
  • Space your alcoholic drinks with a glass of water or a soft drink.
  • Have something to eat before you drink.
  • Avoid drinking games, they get you drunk fast.

Support on campus is provided by the Health Promotion Office, the Medical Centre, the Counsellor Centre, and the Chaplaincy Team.


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