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Payroll Section  

Fortnightly Payroll – Contact – Elaine O'Sullivan – 204531
Monthly Salaries Payroll – Contact – Orlagh Donnellan – 204512
Postgraduate Scholarship Payments – Contact – Orlagh Donnellan

  • All Salary payments are made through Paypath.  You will need to fill in a Bank Staff Details Form.  Please ensure you include your Bank Account number and sort code and that they are clearly legible.

  • All new members of staff who have had previous employment should submit a P45 Form to the Payroll Section as soon as employment commences.

  • You will be required to submit your car registration number, following which you will be give a car sticker which will allow you to park in the designated staff parking area.

  • Once you are set up on the payroll system a pin number for your telephone will be allocated to you, this will allow you to dial outside the (061) area.

  • Staff may join V.H.I through the College’s group scheme, which entitles staff to a 10% discount.  Deductions are made through salary and paid directly to the Insurance body.

  • Any information required for Salary payments must be supplied to the Finance Office prior to the 15th of a month if it is to be included in that month’s salary.  All salaries are paid the second last banking day of the month.

  • All Fortnightly payments are made on the Thursday of each fortnight.

  • All payments are available through a secure email payslip – access only available using individual secure staff codes. This method is encouraged as it eliminates wastage of paper, as payslips can be stored electronically and printed as required.  The original method of paper payslip is also available. 

Pay Scales

Click here to view a full list of MIC Pay Scales


Part time lecture schedule 2017-2018.xlsx

Part time lecture Rates 2017-18

Monthly Part-Time Lecture Form.xls 

  • Part-Time Lecture forms need to be completed on a monthly basis by the individual part-time lecturer. This pre-printed form is available for download from the college website see link above.
  • Each part-time member of staff should complete this form for each month showing the number of hours worked on each day in the box provided. This information will also serve as the college’s official record for social welfare insurable weeks, so it is important that the actual days worked are recorded.
  • When completed this form should be sent to the Head of Dept/Co-Ordinator for approval and signing.

  Pay Dates

All salaries are paid the second last banking day of the month.
All Fortnightly payments are made on the Thursday of each fortnight















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