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The Department of Theology and Religious Studies offers a wide-ranging perspective on the phenomenon of religion, and Christianity in particular. It does so by drawing on a great number of sub-disciplines, such as philosophy, history, literary criticism, sociology, the study of art, and so forth.

You can choose Theology & Religious Studies as one of your academic subjects in your first year of study.

What is this subject about?

The study of religion and theology entails an intellectual exploration of the belief systems that have played a vital role in shaping our world throughout the centuries.

As an academic pursuit this discipline focuses on ultimate questions, explores the human phenomenon of religion and provides for the development of critical thought.

Theology also involves an analysis of the historical perspectives and philosophical presuppositions of the content of Christian faith and a clarification of the meaning of Christian belief in the modern world.

No previous study of religion, nor any particular denominational affiliation, is required to take Theology & Religious Studies as an academic subject in First Year.

In First Year, the Department offers two undergraduate modules:

In the Academic Year 2015/2016 the modules offered are:

Religion and World Religions

The phenomenon of religion and the human search for meaning. The nature of religion and the critiques leveled at it by authors such as Feuerbach, Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud. The belief systems and foundational texts of some of the major world religions such as Christianity (including Catholicism), Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, and Islam. Specific practices and political and sociological implications of different religions. Inter-religious dialogue.

Introduction to Systematic Theology

To provide students with an overview of Christian theology and some of its major themes. To engage students in a critical reflection on the nature of the theological disciplines. Introduction to Christian theology: its nature and history, and its various disciplines. The meaning of Divine Revelation. Faith and belief. The Scriptural basis of theology, including the origin and authority of the Bible. The Christian understanding of God as Trinity.

These modules are open to First Year students (who can combine theology with three other Arts subjects) and to First Year BEd students who take theology as an academic subject. First Year BEd students who take theology as an academic subject are exempt from attending the lectures that lead to the Education Department’s Diploma in Religion (Diplóma: Eolas ar Chreideamh agus ar a Mhúineadh).

Please click on the following link for more information:

Handbook for Theology and Religous Studies





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