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Rev Dr Eugene Duffy

General Information

Dr Duffy was Director of the Western Theological Institute in Galway from 1997 to 2007. He joined Mary Immaculate College, Department of Theology & Religious Studies in September 2007. He is originally from Co. Roscommon and is a priest of the diocese of Achonry. He was ordained in 1979. He took his BA at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth and did his post-graduate theological studies at Maynooth Pontifical University, and Milltown Park Institute of Philosophy and Theology, from which he obtained his Doctorate in Divinity for a thesis entitled The Exercise of the Munus Docendi of an Episcopal Conference: A Case Study - The National Conference of Catholic Bishops of the United States on the Presbyterate (1966-1990).

He has been a Visiting Scholar at Boston College (1994) and at Blackfriars, Oxford University (2004). He has lectured extensively in Britain and most recently was Visiting Lecturer at the Capuchin Institute for Philosophy and Theology, Addis Ababa (2005).

He taught theology and was Head of the Department of Systematic Theology at All Hallows College, Dublin, from 1985-1997. He was also Director of Formation for nine years. He is a regular contributor to theological and pastoral journals in Ireland and abroad. His recent publications include: Catholic Primary Education Facing New Challenges (Dublin: Columba Press, 2012); Parishes in Transition (Dublin: Columba Press 2010); Beauty, Truth and Love, E.Duffy and P.Hannon, (eds) (Dublin: Columba Press).

His main research is in the area of ecclesiology, especially the history and development of collegiality in church structures.

He is a founding member of the West of Ireland Pastoral Theology Association and also a member of the Irish Theological Association, the European Catholic Theological Society and the Peter and Paul Seminar, based at Georgetown, Washington D.C.


  • 2012       Catholic Primary Education Facing New Challenges,  E. Duffy, (ed.) Dublin: Columba Press
  • 2010       Parishes in Transition, E. Duffy, (ed.), Dublin: Columba Press
  • 2009      Beauty, Truth and Love, E. Duffy and P. Hannon, (eds.), Dublin: Columba Press
  • 2004       The Church’s Urgent Challenge: Healing and Reconciliation, E. Duffy and B. Tracey, (eds.), Dublin: Dominican Publications, a special issue of Doctrine and Life.
  • 1999      The Church and Child Sexual Abuse: Towards a Pastoral Response”, E. Conway, E. Duffy and A. Shields (eds.), Dublin: Columba Press
  •  1999      Celebrating the Triduum, E. Duffy and E. Lyons, (eds.), Dublin: Columba Press.

 Articles in Books

  •  “Catholic Primary Education Facing New Challenges” in E. Duffy, (ed.), Catholic Primary Education Facing New Challenges (Dublin: Columba Press, 2012), 6-10
  •   “The Pastoral Area: Pointers towards a Theological Rationale”, in Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Grouping Parishes for Mission: An Exploration of Key Issues, (Dublin: Veritas, 2011), 21-26
  •  “Clustering Parishes: Practice and Theology”, in E. Duffy, (ed.), Parishes in Transition, (Dublin: Columba Press, 2010), pp. 92-115
  •  “The Changing Relationship between the Diocesan Bishop and his Priests in Light of the Child Sexual Abuse Scandals”, in The Local Church and Its Leadership: Receiving the Vision of Vatican II, Symposium of the Peter and Paul Seminar, (Faculties of Theology and Canon Law, St. Paul’s University, Ottawa, 2007), 63-72
  • “Holy Thursday - An Occasion to Reflect on Eucharist” in  Celebrating the Triduum, eds. .E. Duffy and E. Lyons, (Dublin: Columba Press, 1999), 64 -77. 
  •  “Forgiveness and Reconciliation in the Context of Child Sexual Abuse”, in The Church and Child Sexual Abuse: Towards a Pastoral Response”, (E. Conway, E. Duffy and A. Shields (eds.), Dublin: Columba Press, 1999),
  •  “Mother Arsenius and the Eye of Providence” in Survival or Salvation, ed. Enda McDonagh (Dublin: Columba Press, 1994).
  •  “Common Things raised up to Angelhood’- Priestly Formation Then and Now” in New Beginnings in Ministry, ed. James H. Murphy (Dublin: Columba Press, 1992).

 Articles in Journals

  •  “Sunday without a Priest”, The Furrow 61 (2012), 460-470
  • “Assembly or Synod?: Some Theological Considerations”, The Furrow 63 (2012), 295-304
  • “Processes for Communal Discernment: Diocesan and Synods Assemblies “, The Jurist 71 (2011), 77-90
  • “Building the Ark”, Doctrine and Life 61 (January, 2011), 21-26
  • “Episcopal Governance in the Light of the Murphy Report”, Doctrine and Life 60 (2010), 27-35
  • “Presbyteral Collegiality: Precedents and Prospects”, The Jurist (2008)
  • “Clustering Parishes I: The Practice”, The Furrow 61 (2010), 276-284
  • “Clustering Parishes:II: The Theology”, The Furrow 61 (2010), 343-351
  • “Of Bishops and Priests”, The Furrow 56 (2006), 339-347
  • “The Congar Legacy”, Doctrine and Life, 55 (2005), 57-62
  • “Episcopal Conferences in the Context of Communion: Some Notes on the American Experience”, The Jurist 64 (2004), 137-167
  • “Help for Priests”, The Furrow, 53 (2002), 536-547.
  • “Forgiveness and Child Sexual Abuse”,  Doctrine  and Life 49 (1999), 459 - 466
  • “On Proclaiming Sound Doctrine - A Theology of Method”, The Furrow 50 (1999), 77-89.
  • “A Contemporary Perspective on the Theology of the Eucharist” in Priests and People, 12 (1998), 218-223.
  • “Can We Still Love and Serve the Church?”, The Furrow 48 (1997), 115-117.
  • “Daring to Hope”, The Furrow 45 (1994), 290-296.
  • “Towards What Kind of Priest?” The Furrow 44 (1993), 208-214.
  • “I Will Give You Shepherds - The Formation of Priests” The Furrow 43 (1992), 597-606.
  • “Seminary Formation”, The Furrow 40 (1989), 451-460.


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