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Our programme seeks, firstly, to introduce students to a discipline with which they are unlikely to have had any previous acquaintance but one that has, nevertheless, been foundational in Western education.

The introductory function is achieved in the first year by providing two modules that are designed to expose the student to typical Philosophical questions and to some standard answers to them, using both a historical and an issue-centred approach.

The programme is designed, secondly, to promote the development of a critical philosophical reflection among those students who wish to study the subject in depth.

This goal is achieved by providing, in successive years, modules that deal with the ancient, modern, and contemporary eras of Philosophy and their contemporary relevance. This provides students with an opportunity to develop the research skills that foster critical capacities.

Our modules will also teach you to read more carefully, think more reflectively, and write more clearly. These skills are vital to many different career paths. A degree in philosophy will give you the skills to enter traditional professions like social work, healthcare, marketing, journalism, law, teaching, and business. In the final analysis, the study of philosophy will prepare you for a thoughtful life.



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