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Liam Chambers - Research Profile

Background & Research Interests

I completed my BA, MA and PhD at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. I joined the Department of History at Mary Immaculate College as a lecturer in 2000 and was appointed Head of Department in 2011. My research examines eighteenth-century Irish history, the history of Irish migration to continental Europe (especially France) in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and the intellectual history of the early modern period. At present, I'm working on a study of Irish Colleges, students and clergy in Paris from the late sixteenth century to the late twentieth century. I'm also working on Irish Catholic politics in the mid-to-late eighteenth century and Irish travellers to Spa, in modern Belgium, in the later eighteenth century, among other projects



Michael Moore, c.1639-1726: Provost of Trinity, Rector of Paris (Dublin, 2005).

Rebellion in Kildare, 1790-1803 (Dublin, 1998).

Edited Works

Irish Historical Studies, vol. xxxviii, no. 149 (May 2012), Special Issue on 'Power, the State and Institutions in Ireland'. Edited with Ciara Breathnach and Anthony McElligott.

With Anthony McElligott, Ciara Breathnach and Catherine Lawless (eds), Power in history: from medieval Ireland to the post-modern world (Historical Studies XXVII) (Dublin, 2011).

Articles and Essays

'Les confessions au carrefour: catholiques et protestants irlandais à Spa au 18e siècle' dans Daniel Droixhe (ed. avec la collaboration de Muriel Collart), Spa, carrefour de l'Europe des Lumières. Les hôtes de la cité thermale au XVIIIe siècle (Paris, 2013), pp 35-65.

'Patrick Boyle, the Irish Colleges and the historiography of Irish Catholicism' in Studies in Church History, vol. 49 (2013), pp 317-329.

'Paul Cullen and the Irish College, Paris' in Daire Keogh and Albert McDonnell (eds), Paul Cullen and his world (Dublin, 2011), pp 358-76.

'Miracles and medicine in the late seventeenth century: Bernard Connor's Evangelium medici (1697)' in Fiona Clark and James Kelly (eds), Ireland and medicine in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (Aldershot, 2010), pp 53-72.

'Adapting early modern Ireland' [Review article] in Eighteenth-Century Ireland, vol. 24 (2009), pp 164-175.

(with John Bergin), 'The library of Dennis Molony (1650-1726): an Irish Catholic lawyer in London' in Analecta Hibernica, vol. 41 (2009), pp 83-132.

'"Une seconde patrie": the Irish Colleges, Paris, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries' in Susanne Lachenicht and Kristen Heinsohn (eds), Diaspora identities: exile, nationalism and cosmopolitanism in past and present (Frankfurt/New York, 2009), pp 16-30.

'Irish Catholics and Aristotelian Scholastic Philosophy in early modern France, c.1600-c.1750' in James McEvoy and Michael Dunne (eds), The Irish contribution to European Scholastic thought (Dublin, 2009), pp 312-30.

'Revolutionary and refractory? The Irish Colleges in Paris and the French Revolution' in Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies, vol. 2, no. 1 (2008), pp 29-51.

'Irish fondations and boursiers in early modern Paris, 1682-1793' in Irish Economic and Social History, vol. xxxv (2008), pp 1-22.

'Patrick O'Kelly and the interpretation of the 1798 rebellion in County Kildare' in William Nolan and Thomas McGrath (eds), Kildare: history and society (Dublin, 2006), pp 439-59.

'Rivalry and reform in the Irish College, Paris, 1676-1775' in Thomas O'Connor and Mary Ann Lyons (eds), Irish communities in early modern Europe (Dublin, 2006), pp 103-29.

'Irish Catholics, French Cartesians: Irish reactions to Cartesianism in France, 1671-1726' in Eamon Maher and Grace Neville (eds), France-Ireland: anatomy of a relationship (Frankfurt am Main, 2004), pp 133-45.

'The library of an Irish Catholic émigré: Michael Moore's bibliothèque, 1726' in Archivium Hibernicum, vol. lviii (2004), pp 210-42.

'The 1798 rebellion in north Leinster' in Thomas Bartlett, David Dickson, Daire Keogh and Kevin Whelan (eds), 1798: a bicentenary perspective (Dublin, 2003), pp 122-36.

'"A more general and rooted spirit of disaffection": the 1803 rebellion in Kildare' in History Ireland, vol. 11, no. 3 (2003), pp 20-25.

'"Knowledge and piety": Michael Moore's career at the University of Paris and Collège de France, 1701-20' in Eighteenth-Century Ireland, vol. 17 (2001), pp 9-25.

'A displaced intelligentsia: aspects of Irish Catholic thought in ancien régime France' in Thomas O'Connor (ed.), The Irish in Europe, 1580-1815 (Dublin, 2001), pp 157-74.

'Insurgent Wicklow' [Review Article] in Eighteenth-Century Ireland, vol. 16 (2001), pp 135-41.

'The State Solicitor's report on the 1803 rebellion in County Kildare' in Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society, vol. xix (part 1) (2000-2001), pp 217-26.

'Defying Descartes: Michael Moore (1736-1726) and Aristotelianism in France and Ireland' in Michael Brown and Stephen Harrison (eds), The medieval world and the modern mind (Dublin, 2000), pp 11-26.

'John Esmonde c.1760-1798'; 'George Lube'; Laurence O'Connor' in Seamus Cullen and Hermann Geissel (eds), Fugutive warfare: 1798 in north Kildare (Clane, 1998), pp 86-93, 101-4, 124-30.

'The Defenders in Kildare: their origins, nature and United Irish links' in Retrospect: Journal of the Irish History Students Association (1997), pp 4-12.

 Other publications

Twelve contributions to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography; one contribution to the Dictionary of Irish Biography; three contributions to Thomas Duddy (ed.), Dictionary of Irish Philosophers (Bristol, 2004).


Some of my publications are available on the Mary Immaculate Research Repository (MIRR) - click here.


Mary Immaculate College, South Circular Road, Limerick, Tel:+35361 204300  V94VN26

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