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B.A in German Studies

B.Ed. in German Studies

In our MIC German Studies programme the language is taught in small groups at various levels to provide basic, intermediate and advanced language practice. Language classes focus on grammar, writing and conversation skills, as well as applied linguistics, translation and intercultural awareness. Our programme also introduces students to aspects of history, politics, social structure, art and education, multicultural and transnational identities as expressed in literature, film and print media, as well as to the teaching of German as a foreign language.

As a B.A. student of German, you take GE4701 and GE4702 if you are a beginner (or below Leaving Certificate level). If you had German in your Leaving Certificate, with a minimum grade of C3, you will join GE4711 and GE4712 in your first year. In second year, you will be able to further build on your knowledge of the German language and culture in four well-structured modules, with additional 'bridging tutorials' providing support for those students that began their studies within the ab initio programme. In your third year, you will spend a semester or, ideally, a full year at a German-language University. The year or semester abroad provides students with the unique opportunity to improve their language skills while living within German-language culture. During this year abroad, students significantly broaden their intellectual and personal horizons and gain invaluable intercultural knowledge and skills. Your academic advisor, based at MIC, will offer additional help and support. During your final year at MIC, you will further expand and deepen your knowledge of the German language and culture, and write an Undergraduate Dissertation for which you begin your research already in Year 2. The B.A. in German Studies provides you with an in-depth and well-rounded education that will enable you to pursue many different careers (see http://www.mic.ul.ie/academicdepts/german/Pages/WhystudyGerman.aspx).

As a B.Ed. student you can avail of a number of different elective modules in German Studies. The Department of German Studies offers a 'Specialism in German Studies' to those B.Ed. students who pass the following five elective modules in German:

GE4773 Intermediate German Language 1

GE4715 Erasmus Placement OR

GE4725 Intermediate German Language 2

GE4726 Children's Literature in German

GE4748 Teaching German in Primary School

GE4758 German-language Culture

We highly recommend that B.Ed. students avail of the academic semester abroad, as the study at a German, Austrian or Swiss university while living within German-language culture is a unique opportunity that will help you excel in the German language, grow intellectually and gain invaluable intercultural knowledge and skills. Your academic advisor, based at MIC, will offer additional help and support.

We will prepare you well for either further academic study or the job market, no matter whether you choose to come to MIC as a B.Ed. or a B.A. student. The staff in the Department of German Studies will provide you with the support and guidance during your time with us and help you to excel in your studies. You are always welcome to contact us with your queries! Students of German enjoy a high level of individual attention and support throughout their studies and many stay in touch when embarking on their careers.


Mary Immaculate College, South Circular Road, Limerick, Tel:+35361 204300  V94VN26

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