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Why do German Studies?


learning a foreign language at third 
   level can be easier than at secondary level.

… you get an introduction into the
   latest techniques in language teaching and

… we offer German Studies for beginners
   and for those who did it for their Leaving

… German Studies at MIC not only
   includes language learning, but also offers
   a different perspective on European
   media, film, literature, history and different

… you acquire intercultural skills, which
   are essential in a globalised world and an increasingly multicultural Ireland.

… German is the first language of the largest group of people in Europe, including
   citizens of Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Russia and Germany.

… Germany is Europe’s largest economy and fifth largest economy in the world.

… Berlin is the capital of alternative cultures in Europe.



   But many people still do not know this.
   And they are not aware that native speakers of
   English with a degree in German have excellent
   opportunities both on the Irish and
   international job markets, because…


… it is not sufficient to be a native speaker of English without a recognized degree in
   a foreign language in today’s job market.

… that not enough native speakers of English have done a degree in German to
   meet the existing demand.


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