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Leanne Deffew, B.A.

I am a German student at Mary Immaculate College, having completed my second year of German studies I can happily say that my knowledge and understanding of the German language has greatly improved. The small class sizes along with the ongoing help and support available from the German department as a whole has helped me to improve my German language skills. This has also led to me choosing to undertake my undergraduate dissertation in German studies. I have found the second year course to be most beneficial, having developed and understanding for the morphology and semantics associated with German linguistics, and having received an in-depth look at culture and literature of twentieth century Germany. I have to say that the course is most intriguing and interesting this year. The German department have also been so enthusiastic, with regard to organising events to help us become immersed in the German language, such as; the Filmabends, and the weekly Stammtisch. There have also been numerous guest talks organised which we received the opportunity to attend. These talks dealt with; career prospects with the German language and incorporating German into the Primary school curriculum, etc. Furthermore, the German department have also went about organising a trip to Berlin, along with a visit to the Goethe institute, Dublin, to take part in a drama workshop and other various activities. Mary Immaculate College also offers useful resources to its students, such as access to the language laboratories which gives you every chance to improve your language skills. Overall, I have found the German course to be most worthwhile and enjoyable over the past two years of my studies and I look forward to returning to the German department in fourth year following my year abroad in Germany, this coming year.


Michael Flynn, B.A.

I really enjoyed studying German at Mary Immaculate College. The Department is excellent and lecturers extremely accessible. While I enjoyed every aspect of the German course, I would have to say that I found the literature/culture element to be the most interesting. After completing my degree I went to Trinity College to complete an MPhil in Comparative Literature specialising in German Literature. I would definitely recommend it.


Leah Elsted, B.Ed.

I am a second year B.Ed student at Mary Immaculate College. My principle aim of attending this college was to do German Studies concurrently with Education and this was one of the best decisions I've made.
German Studies is very good here, as this academic subject enables you to study a variety of aspects of the German language and culture, such as literature, linguistics, oral language, writing skills and culture and history. The department place extreme importance on the wellbeing of the students, and grades are based on continuous assessment , rather than end of year exams, and this makes a huge difference to our studies. Our lecturers also broaden our horizons through inviting prestigious guest speakers and organizing excursions. For example, we attended a drama theatre workshop at the Goethe Institut in Dublin, which emphasized methodologies in teaching German as a foreign language. The department of German studies is very well networked internationally also. I intend to study in Augsburg next year as a result of winning a UK and Ireland scholarship programme and my lecturers were extremely helpful in the application process and supported me holistically. I would not have achieved this without them. I would undoubtedly recommend to do German Studies at Mary Immaculate College.


Mary Immaculate College, South Circular Road, Limerick, Tel:+35361 204300  V94VN26

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