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Morrissey, Patrick

Working title: Urban Governance and Regeneration: Policy and Practice in Limerick City.
Supervisor: Dr. Brendan O’Keeffe and Prof. Des McCafferty

 Browne, Margaret

Working title: Mediterranean sea surface temperatures during the Bølling-Allerød interstadial to Younger Dryas stadial in the Late Pleistocene based on planktonic foraminiferal assemblages.
Supervisor: Dr. Angela Cloke-Hayes 

Sheehan, Treasa

Working Title: Sub-recent water level movements in the Shannon Estuary.
Supervisor: Dr. Mick Healy & Dr. Angela Cloke-Hayes


PAST Postgraduate Students


Walsh, Niall (2017)

MA Title:  Using lake sediment records to examine recent productivity in Lough Gur.
Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Dalton & Dr Norman Allott (TCD)

Barry, Darren (2017)

PhD Title: Response of planktonic foraminifera to extreme environments in the eastern Mediterranean Sea
Supervisor: Dr. Angela Cloke-Hayes

Novak, Joyce (2017)

PhD Title: Holocene palaeoenvironmental reconstruction in Galway Bay, a shallow coastal embayment, along Irelands North East Atlantic margin: Dr. Catherine Dalton; Co-supervisor Dr. Caroline Cusack, Marine Institute

O'Sullivan, Shane (2014)

PhD Title: Rural Restructuring and Rural In-Migration Patterns in Ireland. Supervisors: Dr. Brendan O’Keeffe and Prof. Des McCafferty

Dwyer, Gráinne (2014)

MA Title:  A spatial analysis of the suppliers of nature-based tourism in Ireland: Insights into the provision of walking tourism on the Sheep’s Head peninsula, Co. Cork. Supervisors: Dr. Helene Bradley Davies & Dr Brendan O’Keeffe

Keenan, Enda (2014)

Foreign direct investment, agency-assisted employment and the economic development of Ireland’s Atlantic Gateway cities, 1993-2011.   Supervisor: Prof. Des McCafferty

Younge, Ciara (2013)

MA Title:  Civil Society Participation and Volunteerism in Ireland – A Geographical Analysis. A Case Study of Limerick City and North Tipperary.
Supervisor: Dr. Brendan O'Keefe

Guiry, Ruth (2013)

MA Title:  Public Health and Housing in Limerick City, 1850-1935. A Geographical Analysis.
Supervisor: Dr. Helene Bradley Davies

Sparber, Karin (2013)

PhD Title: Neo- and palaeolimnological investigations in a humic and a clear water lake in the west of Ireland. 
Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Dalton; Co-supervisor Dr. Elvira de Eyto, Marine Institute.

Cassina, Filippo (2012)

PhD Title: A late-Holocene palaeolimnological assessment of two Irish coastal lagoons. 
Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Dalton; Co-supervisor Dr. Elvira de Eyto, Marine Institute.

McCarthy, Bernie (2012)

PhD Title:Late Quaternary palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Ionian Sea in the eastern Mediterranean. 
Supervisor: Dr. Angela Cloke-Hayes

Cullinane, Shane (2012)

M.A. Title: An assessment of algal biodiversity and water quality in Loughs Atedaun, Cullaun and Inchiquin, three lakes on the river Fergus.
Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Dalton

Bourke, David (2011)

MA Title: Local Governance in the Limerick Urban Area: Business and the Boundary Extension Issue
Supervisor: Prof. Des McCafferty

Broggy, Teresa (2011)

PhD Title: Planktonic foraminiferal response to the Last Glacial Termination and their application to Holocene biostratigraphy in the western Mediterranean Sea
Supervisor: Dr. Angela Cloke-Hayes

Halligan, Sean (2010)

M.A. Title: Holocene palaeoenvironmental change in the western Mediterranean Sea.
Supervisor: Dr. Angela Cloke-Hayes

Chen, Guangjie (2007)

PhD Title: Development of an Irish Ecoregion community (diatom and cladoceran) training-set using palaeolimnological techniques to reconstruct reference conditions and determine targets for lake restoration.
Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Dalton

Taylor, Marie (2007)

M.A. Title: Medieval Settlement in County Limerick: A Geographical Analysis.
Supervisor: Dr. Helene Bradley Davies

de Cléir, Elma (2003)

M.A. Title: Public Housing in Limerick City: A Geographical Perspective.
Supervisor: Prof. Des McCafferty

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