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The French course is designed and organised with a particular awareness of its twofold value to the student: as a personal enrichment through participation in the humanistic and philosophical thought content of the prescribed texts, and as a means to the achievement of proficiency in the use of French Language structures.

(a) In the Language work, on the oral/aural side, comprehension will be achieved by listening to recorded material and lectures through the medium of French; oral fluency by guided and free conversation and by laboratory-type exercises. Students will be encouraged to perfect their linguistic skills via a period of residence in a French-speaking country. On the written side comprehension will be achieved by reading suitable texts; fluency and accuracy will be gained by guided translation and exercises.

(b) In Literature classes will be conducted primarily through the medium of French. The ability to analyse and express ideas will be fostered through the study of suitable texts chosen from representative authors, in conjunction with independent reading by the students.

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