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I would like to thank the department for all your help, support, guidance and encouragement during the last four years. I am very glad that I chose to study French in Mary I and I am very grateful to you all for all the help you have provided
Sarah keane (2014 BA Graduate)

I am a B.Ed student graduating in 2012. I thoroughly enjoyed studying French ay Mary I. All of the lecturers and tutors are very approachable and are always willing to help. They always use continuous assessment and even give opportunities to correct your work! This means that you are allowed to get the best possible result and it also means that there is less pressure in exams! There is a focus on French language, literature, civilisation, society and culture. These compliment each other and it also means that there is variety and something to suit everybody. The Department organises movie nights to give students the oppoirtunity to improve their French but it also means that you will be part of a close and friendly community. I am sure that my knowledge of French will be beneficial to me in my future teaching career.
Siobhán Corcoran (2012 B.Ed Graduate)

In first year I chose to study French because I really loved studying it in secondary school, and I wanted to pursue this love by studying it in university with a vast choice of literature, language and drama. In first year of MIC French was not my strongest subject but I chose to take it to degree level because I enjoyed it the most out of my other first year subjects. The best part of the B.A programme in MIC is the 3rd year off-campus, where I spent five months studying French in France. It was definetly beneficial to me because it helped me to improve my French, and I learned a lot culturally and socially as well as academically. The staff in the French department are all very friendly and really encouraging, they are also very approachable. The French course has changed a lot since my first year, it looks really interesting and I am slightly envious of new in-coming students of French to MIC, I wish I could do it all again.
Chantelle Fehilly (2011 BA Graduate).

Thank you for the time I spent under your instruction! I really enjoyed your course, and I can't express how much I've taken away from my study of French Studies at Mary Immaculate College and I hope to continue my study of French into the future.
Emer Murphy (2011 B.Ed Graduate)


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