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Undergraduate Courses 2015/2016

Module Content

EH4711 : Introduction to Literature 1: Introduction to the skills needed for responding to poetry, drama and prose fiction with pleasure and insight.

(1) Different types of poetry: the poem as organic form based on the collection Staying Alive

(2) A comparative and contrastive study of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Ross O'Carrol Kelly's Should have Got Off at Sidney Parade

(3) Analysis of selected, dramatic texts which explore the formal and thematic properties of dramatic literature: texts selected from some of the following: Williams, Shaffer, Wilde, Shaw, Strindberg, Synge, Miller, Reid, and others. (The selected writers and texts may change from year to year and will be specified at the start of the semester).

EH4712 : Introduction to Literature 2: (Prerequisite EH4711): Expansion and deepening of the knowledge of poetry, drama and fiction developed in EH4711.

(1) Short fiction: James Joyce's Dubliners

(2) Introduction to the poetry of Seamus Heaney

(3) Introduction to literary and critical theory, looking at Structuralism, Semiotics and the work of Barthes, Freud and Derrida, amongst others.


N.B.: All English Modules in years 2, 3 and 4 have EH4711 and EH4712 as prerequisites

EH4713 : The Development of Modern Drama:
Emergence of modern drama: innovatory trends and developments in 20th century theatre: Theatre of Realism: Theatre of the Absurd: modern tragicomedy: Irish dramatists.

EH4734: The Novel in the Twentieth Century:
A study of the development of different aspects of the modernist and postmodernist novel form in the Twentieth century. Selections from Irish, European and American authors.

EH4714 : Neo-Classical Literature:

Topics to be selected from some of the following:

(i)  The Renaissance - European and English contexts: humanism; capitalism: reformation and ideological transition: sixteenth century lyric: metaphysical poetry: seventeenth-century poetry: literature, culture and politics: letters, prose texts and political writings: postmodernism and English Renaissance texts:  [texts to be selected from some of the following:  More; Wyatt, Sidney, Spenser, Shakespeare, Mary Sidney, Aemilia Lanyer, Jonson, Burton, Donne, Herbert, Marvell, Milton and others). Selected texts will be specified at the start of the semester.

 (ii) Critical ideas and principal writers of Augustan literature: influence of historical events and philosophical/scientific developments on literature; neo-classical aesthetic theory: poetry selections from Pope, Swift, Mary Leopold, etc.

EH4724 : Irish Poetry & Prose in the 19th and 20th centuries:

The development of Irish poetry and prose, with special focus on the novel from before the Act of Union to the present day: cultural nationalism and romanticism: the retrieval of the Celtic past and the invention of Ireland: poetic and political mythologies and ideologies: the crises of identity: the language question.


Autumn and Spring
EH4715 Off Campus placement
Co-operative Education

EH4737 Undergraduate Dissertation

EH4738 Undergraduate Dissertation


EH4717 : Literary Modernism:

An investigation into the nature of the major formal technical innovations in the twentieth century literature through an analysis of some notable primary texts: Modernism and the form of the novel: the gender of Modernism; Modernism and the poetic voice.

 EH4727 : Interpreting Literature:

(1) The practice of literary criticism and the principal features of literary theory from classical to modern times: the classical debate: renaissance neo-platonism and neo-classicism: the Enlightenment: European romanticisms: New Criticism: Structuralism: Marxism: Feminism: Post-Structuralism and after.

(2) Applications of theoretical models to different texts and generic structures

EH4718 : Elizabethan-Jacobean Theatre: Shakespearean Drama and its Contexts

Drawing on selected texts, attention will be given to a range of the following: drama and society in the 16th and 17th centuries: Shakespeare as an Elizabethan-Jacobean playwright: Shakespeare and tragedy: dynamics of the comic form: presenting the female: patriarchal structures: political Shakespeare: power, ideology and theatrical representations: critical approaches, readings and interpretations of the plays and the formal properties of Shakespeare’s dramatic art.

EH4728 : Romantic Literature in English:

Selections from the literary and critical works of the principal writers of the Romantic movement, e.g., Wordsworth, Coleridge, Blake, Keats, Shelley, etc.




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